Super Heroes San Francisco

This week of Super San Francisco!

Mysterious mysteries afoot!

Avie wanders through the vast expanse of her mansion home stumbling upon something strange near the basement! Upon closer investigation she reveals a hidden passage and is bathed in blinding white light! A voice calls to her from within, “Finger print accepted, access granted.”.

Tonight’s News! The strange occurrences in Golden Gate park and beyond have prompted Government presence in response! An investigation by the F.B.I has been undertaken! Any information about the peculiar string of tragedy should be reported immediately!

The University of California Berkeley announces exciting news concerning the statue discovered in the bay. Evidence of a society predating previous Native tribes being hinted at! A fund raising gala for further research to this amazing find to be hosted soon!

Rights activists in heated debate concerning the petition being circulated by the Maritime Merrymakers. Should performance art be limited by its subject matter? The performers in question say it is their right to choose.



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