Jack Sawyer

Middle School Teacher turned Hero


Height: 6’2"
Weight: 182
Hair: Black
Eyes: Blue

Agility: d6
Smarts: d6
Spirit: d6
Strength: d6
Vigor: d6


Drive: d4
Fighting: d8
Intimidation: d6
Investigation: d6
Knowledge (Teaching): d6
Knowledge (Local): d4
Knowledge (Life Science): d6
Notice: d6
Persuasion: d6
Taunt: d6


Teleportation 28" range
Force Control 12" range d12 Str
Deflection -1 to hit with ranged


Jack was born and raised in San Francisco. He was the youngest of four children and is the only boy. His three sisters, Jennifer, Aimee, and Tabitha, are 30, 28, and 26 respectively. Jack, now 24, graduated from Berkeley just like his sisters and parents before him. Whereas they are all true science majors, Jack was led more towards public service and teaching most specifically.

Jack went to UC Berkeley on a full wrestling scholarship, wrestling at the hyper-competitive 184 pound weight class. Much to his family’s chagrin, this is truly where he excelled at. From his Freshman year forward, he always went to the Nationals and all four years he placed in the top three overall.

This isn’t to say that Jack didn’t do well in his chosen major of Developmental Genetics. He managed to graduate with honors, if only barely because of being all thumbs sometimes in the laboratory environment. It was one such accident his senior year that changed everything. In a joint venture with an engineering student in his fraternity, Sigma Epsilon Omega, he and his frat brother worked on a project to transfer living organisms from one location to another in a Star Trek-esque transporter designed series of experiments for their honors presentation.

Rushing the experiments some when Ladon began to snoop into their research, there was an accident in which Jack was exposed to a chaotic cocktail of radiations, protein folders and reformers, and other cascading vaporized chemical combinations. While he and his partner Brad had thought he was thrown clear in the blast, it soon became evident to the frat brothers that something remarkable and somewhat horrifying had happened to Jack.

Fearing the government and corporate interests, Jack managed to work out a deal with Brad for secrecy in return for various favors. When Brad received a beating after a baseball game, the game changed from idle experimentation and joking about what color tights to get to something far more deadly and serious. After the first bout of vengeance, it became something of a need for Jack, defending his friends and family, seeking out vengeance for the innocent, and generally trying to use his newfound power for the greater good.

Now, working in the middle school as both a wrestling coach and a teacher, his protectorate grows. Each year brings a new crop of students with troubles. Each year brings a new crop of political corruption. Instead of the world getting better, however, things are only getting stranger. More of the city seems to be at risk and it’s becoming obvious that he and his merry band of frat brothers and colleagues simply aren’t going to be enough. He is not nearly rich enough to be a Batman.

Jack Sawyer

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